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Fire Chaser Express DollywoodDollywood officially opened for the season just last week, and things are already heating up! The 2014 season started with the Grand Opening of the Firechaser Express roller coaster, a new railroad-themed coaster that heats things up with twists, turns, fireworks and speed!

The new family-friendly ride runs both backwards and forwards. Theme park insiders call this a “muti-launch coaster.” The ride starts by launching passengers forward, then backwards into a pyrotechnic fireworks display before taking them on a speedy chase through the coaster’s mountain-hugging twists and turns.

Standing in line for the ride is also part of the experience. As you wait for your turn to climb aboard, you’ll see displays and tributes to the firefighters who have battled forest and wildfires in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You’ll be treated as a new recruit, and riding the coaster will be your first mission! Even the coaster itself has been designed to look like the training vehicles you’ll see in the historical context information. As a new recruit, though, your chief goal is tending to Crazy Charlie, a local gas and fireworks dealer who calls into the fire station on a regular basis. You’ll hear a bell signaling a 5-alarm fire at his shop before the crazy, half-mile adventure begins. You’ll reach top speeds of 35-mph and reach altitudes of nearly 80 feet on the coaster.

Fire Chaser Express

Volunteer Fire Recruits Needed!

Smoke has been spotted in the mountains, and where there’s smoke, there’s…FIRE! Become a Volunteer Fire Patrol recruit and race to save the day. But beware! Crazy Charlie’s Gas and Fireworks Emporium—and explosive fun— lies just ahead!

Test your mettle on the world’s first family coaster to come into the station one way and blast out another! It’s a ride celebrating the firefighters that battle nature’s fury to preserve the Smokies. An invitation for us all to rise to the challenge.

It’s up to you to save the day!

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