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4 Tips for an Affordable Stay in Our Smoky Mountain Condos

Posted on August 7, 2019
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Looking for ways to make the most of your budget during your vacation? We know plenty of ways you can stick to your budget! With these tips, you can save money and still have lots of fun in the Smoky Mountains! Check out these 4 tips for an affordable stay in our Smoky Mountain condos:

1. Sign Up for Exclusive Deals

Appleview River Resort Beautiful Living RoomIt’s always a good idea to ask about current specials, and we have great deals for you! Sign up for our free monthly newsletter and receive exclusive offers. You can also find out about current news and events and other area information. If you give us your mobile number and date of check-in, and we’ll send you last minute deals straight to your phone!

2. Eat Meals at the Condo

The best way to have an affordable stay in one of our Smoky Mountain condos is to eat some of your meals at the condo. You can get some basic groceries at nearby stores and fix your family’s favorite meals in your condo’s fully equipped kitchen! We provide all of the utensils and cookware you need to make a quick and easy meal, as well as all of the major appliances. Also, pack some extra goodies for your mid-afternoon or your late-night snack! All of the little food and drink purchases can add up quickly during your trip, so plan a few meals out and try some new restaurants, and then eat the rest of your meals in the comfort of your condo.

3. Enjoy Great Amenities

The swimming pool, kiddie pool, and hot tub at Appleview River Resort in the Smoky Mountains.Our condo amenities will keep you and your family entertained without you having to spend more money! Swim in the pool or soak in the hot tub, or watch your kids splash around in the kiddie pool. We have a beautiful picnic area with charcoal and gas grills, which is the perfect spot for a late afternoon cookout! You and your significant other can take a romantic walk along the river that’s right out back after dinner. After a long day having fun, you guys can relax on your balcony with a glass of wine. Other great amenities include a sports court, a giant playground with swings, slides, and a climbing wall, and a private fishing area.

4. Plan Smarter

Instead of choosing to do all the fun things you want to, you should just pick a few. By only attending a few attractions, you’ll save money! Also, don’t forget about all of the fun activities you can do without any added costs! Exploring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park costs absolutely nothing and is probably one of the best things to do as a family. Window shopping is another fun free activity, especially at the Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community. You can watch local artisans at their craft and learn a lot about the Smoky Mountain culture.

Now you know some tips for having an affordable vacation! Browse our discounts and specials to save money and book your stay at one of our beautiful Smoky Mountain condos today!

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